A huge selection of Team Coach footy cards

Are you looking for all your AFL superstars in one place? Team Coach footy cards are where you’ll find them! Teamcoach is one of two major AFL card manufacturers, however they do it a little differently than other trading cards. While they’re still great to collect, they’re also useful in playing games. 

Teamcoach offers online games that you can participate in and win special prize cards to add to your collection. So, whether you want to get involved in games and win some rare prize cards, or you just want to collect the main set of cards, eBay is your number one place to find what you need.

Different Teamcoach cards

Because Teamcoach cards have been around for quite a while, the collections tend to change every now and then. They always come with a base set of cards, but the special cards can vary from season to season. Here are some of the recent special cards you might be able to find:

  • Super
  • Hero
  • Future
  • Classic
  • Indigenous/Multicultural
  • Card Craft
  • Footy Oddbodz cards
  • Star Wildcards
  • Best & Fairest
  • Plus, many more

If you love collecting AFL cards, Teamcoach ones are a lot of fun!

Card variations

The other interesting thing about Teamcoach cards is that each card will come in a few different designs. For example, in the base set, each player will have a Common, Silver and Canvas card. They all look a little different. Some of the special cards come in Silver, Team and Neon versions. Wildcards can be found in Team and Gold versions. It’s these variations that make it so much fun to collect Teamcoach cards.

You’ll also notice that cards are assigned a field position, such as ruck, midfield, forwards and backs. This is important when you start playing Teamcoach games, some of which work a little bit like Supercoach, where you get points for the performance of your cards. It’s a little complicated, but once you get going, it’s a lot of fun and can even earn you special prize cards!