Imagine the look of surprise and delight on your loved one’s face when you give them the giant teddy bear of their dreams. Big kid or small, everyone loves a big teddy bear. Soft to cuddle, fun to play with, and everybody’s best friend, a giant teddy bear is the king of stuffed animals.

What to consider when buying a giant teddy bear

How big is giant? Ranging from 120cm (1.2 metres) to a whopping 200cm (2 metres), you’ll need to ensure the size of the teddy bear will delight the intended recipient, not frightened or overwhelm them. As big teddy bears are usually used for the best snuggles in town, you’ll want to ensure the material is soft, comfortable, and durable. Plush material is usually made from synthetic fibres to keep the price reasonable. Terrycloth is another choice for a giant teddy bear, as it gives a nice texture and is quite durable. The stuffing of your big teddy bear is also crucial. You don’t want your friend looking sad and deflated with time. The most common stuffing materials may be cotton, synthetic batting, and plastic pellets, such as those used in bean bag toys. You’ll need to consider whether the giant teddy bear should be fixed, or whether you’re looking for jointed arms and legs. These may be more prone to breaking and are usually of a firmer construction, which makes them less ideal for cuddles. If your giant teddy bear is a gift for someone under the age of three, you’ll definitely need to ensure there are no choking hazards or small pieces that could cause safety issues. Some big teddy bears even come with zips to enable you to refill the bear, or reposition the existing filling for a more comfortable hugging experience. Whatever the giant teddy bear you have in mind, check out eBay’s fantastic range of cuddly friends and make the day of your favourite kid, big or small.