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Get ready to become a music producer in your very own home with the Teenage Engineering OP-1 synth. It is a compact synthesiser that is made by a company from Stockholm and is designed to be an all-in-one synthesiser, sampler and controller.

Play as you goAround the size of a large chocolate bar, the Teenage Engineering OP-1 was designed to be extremely portable while never sacrificing the sound it creates. The small size makes it easy for musicians to use while playing gigs and for use in the studio. Adding to the portability, the Teenage Engineering OP-1 has an instant editing function which allows you to edit your music as you work. These features make the Teenage Engineering Op-1 a good option for people who play in different locations or need to edit tracks quickly.

Number of Synthesisers

Often people think that synthesisers can create any sound, but they can only create the sounds enabled by each synth engine. When shopping for a synth, check how many engines are included and what type these are. The Teenage Engineering Op-1 synth has eight synth engines included. Other models by different brands may have more or less.

Can it create great sounds?

The Teenage Engineering OP-1 is simple to use, which is what makes it so popular. The soundboard has colourful buttons and knobs that you can turn, instead of electronic scrolling. This method of control is interactive and is designed to make the user feel like they are playing an instrument.

Even though it is so simple to use, the Teenage Engineering OP-1 is known for producing a sound that rivals many other brands on the market. It can be used with an audio midi interface and midi keyboard controllers to record and play tracks.

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