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Tefal Rice Cookers

Want to make perfect rice in a short amount of time? Tefal rice cookers allow users to make amazing rice, plus a lot of other foods, in a fraction of the time versus many conventional stovetop methods. Styles range from very simplistic models that are akin to Tefal pressure cookers and Tefal food steamers all rolled into one. There are many options to consider in the way of rice cookers that help you get delicious meals on the table and you out of the kitchen more quickly.


Tefal rice cookers come in styles that can produce anywhere from 1 to 20 cups of rice at once. It is important to note that some rice cookers come with special cups to use for measuring rice and water. These cups may differ from traditional measuring cups as some models may consider 177 milliliter of rice be 1 cup versus the standard 236 milliliter cup measurement. When in doubt, always follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.


Tefal rice cookers are often able to prepare more than just rice. Many appliances are one-touch cooking units, which means that times and temperatures are already set for certain items like rice, soup, stew, beans, and other foods. These multi-functional rice cookers may come with a recipe booklet that has a variety of recipe ideas for quick and easy meals that one can create using the rice cooker as a steamer or a pressure cooker.

Worry-Free Cooking

Many people enjoy using a rice cooker because this appliance not only makes food more quickly, but most Tefal rice cookers also consume less energy than other types of steamers. Many rice cookers have a safety feature that automatically turns the cooker to a setting that keeps food warm, so it does not burn. Some appliances include a safety feature that turns the cooking element off after a certain amount of time, but it is a good idea to read the instruction guide to see what the rice cooker can and cannot handle.


Tefal rice cookers have a sturdy outer construction that often includes an outer housing of stainless steel or other material. The interior cooking pot does not include handles so people should take care when removing food or exposing skin to the surface of the cooking pot. The interior pot typically includes a nonstick surface that keeps food from sticking and allows cleanup to be a breeze.

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