Telephone Answering Machines

Telephone Answering Machines

Although cellphone and smartphones devices that can pick up videos are more frequently used, there are still people who have landlines coming into their home, whether or not they use corded phones or cordless ones. While some landline phone service providers offer a messaging system as part of the package they sell to customers, some people like to have the ability to record their calls in the privacy of their own home or business with a telephone answering machine that is dedicated to doing just that.

What types of telephone answering machines are available?

There are two basic types of telephone answering machines available: machines that are attached to the base or handset of a corded or cordless phone and separate machines that connect to the phone and to the phone line coming into the home or business.

What are some features of a telephone answering machine?

Many telephone answering machines offer a certain amount of recording time. This varies by manufacturer and the type of machine it is. Some machines offer as few as 13 minutes of recording time while other offer as much as two of recording space, especially with digital answering machines. Machines that are not connected to an existing phone are able to work with any type of phone as long as the line that runs from the answering machine to the phone is compatible with each other. Some other features to look for when selecting home answering machine include:

  • Call screening
  • Time and day stamp
  • Slow-speed playback
  • Voice activation response
  • Remote control access

Some units make it possible to hand the home or office answering machine on a wall, which works well for phones that hang on the wall, saving on valuable table or counter space.

Are there any telephone answering machines that do other things?

Some answering machines are integrated into the bases of certain cordless phones, which saves space. There are answering machines that are connected to fax machines and allow the user to send and receive faxes with the unit. For those who are hard of hearing, some double as intercoms with voice-amplification effects built into the system.