Effective telephone systems

Telephone systems are used in a wide range of businesses to ensure effective communication. Modern systems offer a range of handy functions including traditional call options, recording and conference calls. There is a wide range of telephone systems available specific to your requirements and budget. You'll also find complete phone systems for business use and individual handsets for upgrading or replacing existing devices from top brands including Cisco, Polycom, NEC and Panasonic plus many others. Business phones are integral to ensure your staff are contactable.

Telephone features

There is a huge selection of telephones available to add to your existing system or for replacement of faulty devices. Many phones include a variety of features and functions such as LCD displays, transfer buttons, directories, voicemail, speakerphone and navigation clusters. Modern handsets also boast incredible sound quality and can be used with traditional and VoIP systems.

VoIP systems

With the increased use of communication via the Internet, a VoIP system is an ideal option to take advantage of this effective method of business communication. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is used to transmit data and calls over the Internet for a cost-effective and reliable telephony method. It is often used in modern business and can handle several users at once. This system is also designed for conference calling, call recording and voice recording with ease. It is often favoured by large organisations such as call centres and customer service departments and helps to manage multiple users in an efficient way.

Complete telephone systems

If you're looking for a new telephone system complete with everything you need to set up straight away, there is a selection of complete telephone systems with everything you need to get you started. If you need items such as handsets, servers, exchangers and suitable software, you'll find a range of options suited to your requirements on eBay.