Telephoto Lenses for Canon Cameras

Canon is one of the most popular and trusted camera brands on the market today. There are plenty of lenses from a variety of brands that are compatible with Canon cameras and can be used without difficulty. Canon camera lenses are available in a variety of styles, including telephoto lenses. Telephoto camera lenses are long focus lenses, and are ideal for photographing faraway objects, such as sports events and wildlife.

Canon Camera Compact Lenses

Telephoto lenses provide incredible zoom, focus and depth packed into a remarkably small bundle. Many telephoto lenses are compact and weigh less than 500 grams, making them easy to carry when travelling. For example, the Canon EF 75 lens is only 12.2 centimetres long and 7.1 centimetres in diameter with a weight of 480 grams. The versatile weight and dimensions make it perfect for the hobby photographer.

Canon Image Stabiliser

Canon lenses come equipped with an in-built image stabiliser technology, which allows very slow shutter speeds to be used whilst minimising the effects of the camera shaking. This serves to somewhat eliminate the need for a tripod, and make more photographs, such as of the night sky, possible.

Easy to Use With Canon Cameras

The Canon DSLR camera is a household name, and popular amongst budding and professional photographers alike. Compatible lenses simply twist and snap into, and out of, place, which makes lens changes a breeze when out in nature. They're constructed from sturdy, high-quality materials to withstand wear, tear and the elements.

Canon Telephoto Lens Features

Canon incorporates a number of features into its lenses to ensure it remains the go-to brand for quality camera lenses. Super spectra coating absorbs light, which serves to prevent flare and ghosting. It also contributes to providing accurate colour balance in your photos. Ring-type ultrasonic focusing utilises a motor to drive autofocus smoothly, and so quietly that it's almost silent.