Telephoto Camera Lenses

You can take your photographs to another level with the aid of the right telephoto camera lens. A standard camera lens allows for a measure of control, but changing your lens can give you clearer, brighter or darker or closer or more-distant pictures. With the right lens, you can capture subjects however your mind can imagine. This type of long-photo lens can also be used in both cinematography and still photography.

Zoom Lenses

Although telephoto lenses are often mistaken for zoom lenses, they are actually quite different. It is true that a telephoto lens can be a zoom lens, but not all zoom lenses are telephoto lenses. Taking a photograph of something at a distance with a telephoto lens will make it appear closer, but it doesn’t have to appear closer just because of zooming in. The power of a zoom lens is just as much in its ability to change focal lengths as it is in its capability of bringing subjects at a distance into a clear and closer view.

Portraits and Wildlife

A telephoto lens is often the go-to lens for photographing wildlife and taking portraits. It is a favourite for these types of shoots because the longer focal lengths make the foreground appear smaller in relation to what’s in the background. Their focal length is what makes facial features appear more proportionate. Telephoto lenses are also excellent for blurring the background to bring the focus to the front.

Using a Telephoto Zoom Lens

A telephoto lens is not always a zoom lens, so if you’re looking to zoom in while increasing your focal lengths, achieving the blurred background and more proportionate features, you'll definitely want to give a zoom telephoto lens a try. With just a few clicks of the lens, you can zoom in on any part of the subject without distorting the look and feel of the photograph.

Lens Manufacturers

Many brands, such as Canon and Sigma, offer telephoto lenses. Each brand has its own twist on the technology or works with specific camera types better than others, so make sure that your brand of camera is compatible with the brand of telephoto lens you choose. Built-in stabilisation helps to counter hand movement or shaking to get better photos, and aperture refers to the amount of light that the lens lets in. Users should note that wider apertures allow for faster shutter speeds.