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Telescope Filters

There's nothing quite like gazing at the night sky through a telescope. Telescopes make it easy for you to view celestial bodies that you can't see with the naked eye, and using filters helps you to view objects by filtering out light and increasing your resolution to hone in on specific objects. They also help to relieve eye fatigue. There are different filters for various uses, depending on what you're trying to see through your lens, most of which are easy to install and remove.

Filter Types

You'll want to pick a filter based on what you're trying to view. For instance, a moon filter reduces outside glare so you have a sharper view of the moon. Solar filters make it safe for you to view the sun, while planet filters come in a variety of colours to view different planets and create more definition. There are also regular filters, called light pollution reduction filters that are meant for creating just the right amount of contrast to make viewing the sky optimal. These remove unwanted light and create a darker background so that objects pop against it, making it easier to see planets, stars and galaxies.

Filter Brands

Filters come from various brands and are compatible with different telescopes. You should make sure that the filter you are purchasing works with your telescope's specific type and brand. Some well-known filter brands include Celestron, Meade and Vixen. There are also filter options manufactured by Daystar, Astronomik, BAADER and Sky-Watch. You can select a filter that is the same brand as your telescope, or simply one that fits your device.

Filter Sizes

Filters come in assorted sizes to fit a variety of scopes. Some sizes include 32 mm, 62 mm and 73 mm filters. Most filters affix to the telescope by screwing onto the telescope, so the filter must be a perfect fit. Attaching filters is easy, and after you select the proper size, you can even buy a filter kit that comes with multiple types of filters to enhance your sky-watching experience. Filters typically attach to the bottom of the telescope's eyepiece.

Other Telescope Accessories

When you carry filters with you, it's a wise idea to keep them protected by placing them in a pouch or case. Other telescope parts and accessories to consider purchasing include mounts to keep your scope sturdy as you view the sky, a case to keep your telescope and supplies in for portability and cleaning tools so that your lens stays clean and dust-free.

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