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Reach new heights with telescopic ladders

Don’t know much about ladders? Then you might not have heard of a telescopic ladder. A telescopic ladder is a ladder that slides both inward and outward. It usually has overlapping sections and is great for all kinds of use, whether it’s for tradies travelling from site to site or taking care of DIY projects at home. Most ladders are available as telescopic, including extension ladders, folding and step ladders. The type you buy simply depends on your purpose. You can find one to suit your needs today on eBay.

Types of Telescopic Ladders

A step ladder is ideal if you don’t have to go too high. It can be good for kids to use, or it can be a great option if you just need to reach a little further than arm's length. It won’t get you onto the roof, but it will help you change a lightbulb.

A folding ladder makes for easy storage when you’re not using it anymore. These are available in heavy duty frames, with a range of sizes and extensions available. They’re generally lightweight, but can also hold up to 150kg.

An extension ladder is a workman’s best friend. This allows you to reach great heights. Extension ladders can often reach up to 16ft (4.8 metres), making them great if you need to get to the roof of your home, or save a cat from a tall gum.

Things to check

Check the weight capacity to ensure it’s stable enough for the job at hand, and check to make sure it comes complete with anti-slip feet, rails and rungs. If you carry heavy loads, choose something that has larger steps, and if you want to make sure your hands stay undamaged, built-in angled thumb releases and non-pinch closures are great features.

Shop by type or maximum height reach to ensure the ladder you buy will suit your requirements. You’ll find a range of brands and materials on eBay to choose from.