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Teletubbies TV & Movie Character Toys


When the first Teletubbies episode aired over 20 years ago, children all over the world instantly fell in love with these colourful characters. Today, Teletubbies is one of the most loved preschool age television programs and their range of toys with the popular characters Po, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Tinky Winky are great for all types of children. From plush toys to educational games, there are plenty of Teletubby character toys for your child to enjoy.

Teletubbies Plush Toys

For a softer type of toy for your child, there are all sizes and characters of Teletubbies plush toys to choose from. With the option to get your child’s favourite Tubby or collect them all, these are great for pretend play or keeping your child company during sleep time. Teletubbies plush toys range from smaller sizes around 15 cm to larger styles up to 50cm and taller, and all made from soft and cuddly materials. Soft backpacks and bum bags are also available that let your child take their favourite toy with them to daycare or school.

Your Child’s Favourite Characters

Every child has a favourite Teletubby, and aside from the popular main characters Po, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Tinky Winky, there are plenty of others from Tubbyland to collect. Noo-noo, the Teletubbies noisy vacuum cleaner pet, and the Custard Train they ride on each day also feature in train sets and remote control vehicles for your child to play with.

Teletubbies Playsets

Teletubbies playsets offer a magical play experience for your child, with more than just one toy for them to enjoy. These playsets include small figurines and backdrops that allow your child to recreate their favourite episodes or imagine the Teletubbies in new and exciting situations. Playsets are the perfect choice for a child who likes hands-on playtime and wants to explore with more than just one of their favourite characters.

Teletubbies Electronic Toys

There is a great range of electronic toys featuring the Teletubbies characters for children of all ages, with exciting lights and sounds in each one. There are musical playsets that play your child’s favourite song from the show or remote controlled characters that move around and speak their popular catchphrases to give your child hours of entertainment.