Telstra Cordless Home Telephones


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Telstra Cordless Home Telephones

Although just about everybody seems to have a cellphone, there are still many advantages to having a landline telephone connection to your home or place of business. During storms and electrical outages, cellphone service can become spotty yet landlines almost never go down. Having a handset, such as Telstra handset, makes it possible to ensure being able to reach loved ones and friends even during the worst of conditions.

What kind of cordless handsets does Telstra have?

There are a number of different models of Telstra landline phones available. Some of the models to look for include:

  • Telstra T-Voice 503 Handset
  • Telstra Call Guardian 301
  • Telstra Colombo Neue
  • Telstra Motorola IT.6 Twin
  • Telstra Easy Control 202
  • Telstra Easy Control 101

Some Telstra cordless phones are available individually but some are sold in sets of two or more, ideal for a large household or small business. Various colours are available, such as white, black orange, blue and red.

What is Call Guardian?

Telstra's Call Guardian is a call-screening feature that allows users to block unwanted calls. When Call Guardian is engaged, the system requires unknown callers to announce their name. When you answer the phone, you can hear the name of the person calling you before the call begins. That makes it possible for you to accept the call, send the caller to your answering machine or block the call. Any phone numbers added to a contact list go straight through without having to announce their name. The Telstra Call Guardian system only works with phones that have the calling number display feature engaged.

What are some features of Telstra handsets

Besides Call Guardian, another cool feature that Telstra cordless handsets have is Telstra Easy Control, which allows users to use buttons on the handset to set up certain functions that are used repeatedly. Some of these buttons include:

  • Do not disturb function
  • Speed dial buttons for frequently called numbers
  • Mute button
  • Menu access
  • Recall recently used functions

Most cordless Telstra handsets feature LED display that shows which handset is in use (if you have multiple handsets), line-in-use indicator, battery charge status and signal strength.