Telstra Mobile Phones

For loyal Telstra network customers, a number of Telstra mobile phones are available for choosing. You can grab good deals on Telstra Apple iPhones, Telstra Samsung mobile phones and a whole lot more.

Telstra iPhone X

The Telstra Apple iPhone X mobile phone is quite an immersive device. It is entirely screen, very intuitive and responsive. You get 5.8 inches of Super Retina OLED display. Cameras and sensors activate Face ID. With it, you can unlock, authenticate and transact purchases. The glass is surgical‑grade stainless steel, making it scratch resistant. You have the convenience of wireless charging. You get to have the added protection of water and dust resistance. Get ultra-clear photos via the 12-megapixel camera lens. Selfies are clear as you shoot with a 7-megapixel front camera. The camera has optical image stabilisation and fast lens for photo and video captures. Photos have 10x zooming capacities while videos can be zoomed up to 6x.

Telstra Samsung Mobile Phones

Samsung lovers can also pop their Telstra mobile SIM into a Samsung phone. The Telstra Mobile customer has model units to choose from, like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. These models boast of an edge to edge, Infinity Display. All you get is pure screen up to the sides. The screen flows smoothly and seamlessly into the aluminium shell. The rear camera is fitted with a 12-megapixel lens while the front carries an 8-megapixel one. For added security, you can activate the iris scanner, in which your phone opens upon eye recognition. You may also unlock your phone via face recognition. Samsung S8 and S8+ run on a fast and highly powered 10 nm processor. You will notice an increased battery efficiency as well. The memory is expandable and the phones are safe in the rain and pool with IP68 protection rating. That’s a water depth of 1.5 metres for immersion of up to 30 minutes.

Telstra Mobile SIM for Your Phone

Telstra mobile SIMs are easy to get. For convenience, just purchase them online and they will be delivered to your door. If you prefer, you may keep your old Telstra mobile SIM and insert it into your Telstra mobile phone purchase.