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Got one to sell?

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Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Newer mobile phones now come with Gorilla Glass screens. However, you’d be wise to further invest in tempered glass mobile phone screen protectors for added shock absorption on your Android or iPhone. You may also opt for PET mobile phone screen protectors, but there’s nothing like the assurance of hard screen protectors, especially if you are a heavy user. IQ Shield is a popular brand that sells tempered glass protectors. The company is famous for producing military grade products. Items also come with lifetime replacement warranty.

PET Screen Protector

Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET mobile phone screen protectors are thin-sheeted plastic film covers. These are the cheapest ones you can get and may suffice as basic protection against scratching for average phones. These give no protection against shock and breakage that may occur of you drop your mobile. The film allows for clear display but is prone to discolouration. You may get single sheets or multipacks.

Tempered Glass Protector

Tempered glass protectors give multiple layers of protection. Many brands like Nilkin even sell 9H hardness screen protectors that are resistant against heavy scratching.

Oleophobic Coating

Buy mobile phone screen protectors that have oleophobic coating. This allows easy cleaning of smudge and grease without any residue. While you are free to purchase additional screen cleaner solutions, oleophobic coated protectors need only a dry or damp wipe cloth. Don’t use regular detergents or alcohol, as these may damage the coating or remove it altogether. When using solutions, refrain from directly applying onto your phones, rather, spray onto your cleaning cloth before using.

Anti-Glare Feature

Products like 3M protectors diffuse light and reduce glare, helping you see well even under direct sunlight or bright indoor lighting. A privacy filter is also available, whereby side views on portrait mode are blacked out preventing other people beside you from seeing what’s on your mobile phone screen.

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