Apple iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

There are a few different types of screen protectors available to protect the Apple iPhone X and other mobile phones, and of these, the most common are tempered glass and plastic protectors. Tempered glass is designed for maximum protection for a mobile phone's delicate glass screen. If you want to keep your Apple iPhone X protected from screen damage, there are a range of affordable tempered glass screen protectors available on eBay.

How should you choose an iPhone X screen protector?

New or pre-owned iPhone X glass screen protectors come in a variety of styles. If you are looking for the most precise coverage, consider an edge-to-edge iPhone X screen protector or a front and back iPhone X screen protector. There are even screen protectors specifically designed to protect the back of your phone. A back screen protector for the iPhone X is designed to ensure the back cover of your high-powered phone is protected against breakage.

A dark-tempered glass screen protector will add an extra element of privacy to your phone by filtering out a portion of screen brightness to hide your screen from prying eyes. iPhone X black screen protectors are also available on eBay.

Why choose tempered glass for an iPhone X screen protector?

Tempered glass is a style of safety glass treated with a thermal or chemical process to increase its strength and durability. The glass of these screen protectors tends to be between 0.3 and 0.5 mm thick. Tempering compresses the exterior surfaces of the screen and provides tension to the inner surfaces. It acts as an impact-absorbing layer for your phone screen. What's even more impressive is that your touch on your phone's screen will be just as sensitive with a layer of tempered glass as it is without one.

Do tempered glass screen protectors for iPhone X protect against drops?

Tempered glass iPhone X screen protectors will generally protect your phone from a crack during a drop. You can increase your level of protection by also using a secure case along with your iPhone X glass screen protector. Due to its scratch-resistant nature and its shock absorption, tempered glass is designed to crack after a drop instead of allowing your actual phone screen to crack. While you may have to replace your tempered glass screen after a drop, this is a much more affordable option than purchasing a new phone.

Does an iPhone X screen protector work on every type of iPhone?

When searching for protection for your phone, make sure the screen you purchase is of an adequate size to fit your phone. For instance, an iPhone XS screen protector will work perfectly for your iPhone XS, but choose a screen protector iPhone X for your matching iPhone X.