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Other Dental and Oral Care

Tooth decay is one of Australia’s most common problems, according to the Australian Dental Association. It may really make your head turn to know that although 90 per cent of dental disease is preventable, tooth decay is the country’s second most costly diet-related disease in Australia. Realising this information ought to remind people that the use of basic hygiene products and other dental and oral care products is essential to a family’s health and even financial well-being.

Dental Picks and Flossers

Toothbrushing should not be your only means of teeth cleaning. The use of interdental cleaners like dental picks and flossers are equally as important for maintaining oral hygiene. These are necessary for removing food debris and plaque that collect and form between your teeth. These come in a couple of sizes and have assorted colours. The wires are stiff so they won’t bend in use. You may get them in regular house packs of 40 pieces or in 10-piece travel packs. One serious choice may be a Waterpik Water Flosser, which is available in different models. The company has been making dental water jets for over 50 years now. The products offer to clean your teeth and gums twice as effectively as simple brushing and flossing can do alone. Those with orthodontic braces may find it more convenient to use a Waterpik water flosser to thoroughly purge debris that collects within their fittings.

Teeth Grinding Mouthguards

Mouth grinding is a condition that affects one in every ten people. If left unmanaged, grinding may not only wear down or lose their teeth, they may likely develop jaw pain, tension and discomfort in other parts of the body, especially the neck. Headaches may also be a byproduct of this condition. Teeth grinding mouthguards are affordable. You may buy online and choose mouldable protectors that are odourless and hypoallergenic. These are easy to fit. Simply soften in warm water then fit into your mouth for proper setting. Replace your night guards every one to five months.