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Become the tennis player of your dreams with the right equipment

Tennis is such a fun sport to play with mates, family or competitively, and at all ages too. From youngsters to adults, you can get into the game and work your way up to an advanced tennis player in no time, with the right tennis equipment and gear for you.

On eBay, you can be sure to find a range of womens, mens and kids tennis gear from tennis racquets, balls, bags, clothing to the right tennis shoes. Whether youre entering the court during the summer or winter months, you can be sure youll have your head in the game and look super stylish at the same time.

Tennis racquets and covers

There is a range of racquets to choose from for both adult and junior tennis players, being brand specific from the likes of Wilson, Babolat, Dunlop and Head to other non-branded varieties. Lightweight tennis racquets are usually powerful with larger heads, but are great for beginners and intermediary level, whereas heavier racquets provide more control.

Tennis covers and bags are used for your convenience, to store other tennis equipment in and protect your racquet from breakages or scratches when off the court. Its always advised to carry an extra ball or two with you.

Tennis accessories

Tennis requires for you to have all the gear, so level up with the right tennis balls, racquet string to improve your grip and nets, which are great for home matches, portable use, or renewing existing court equipment.

Tennis clothes and shoes

Once youve got all your equipment, youll need to consider your clothes and shoes, which are paramount for looking the part and playing to the best of your ability. With the weather in Australia being as it is, youll want to opt for a range of light-weight clothing and layer up or down accordingly. As for shoes, opt for white soles from top brands such as Nike, adidas and many others, which have a good grip for when youre running around the tennis court.