Tennis Memorabilia

Tennis Memorabilia

Some people think its all about the tennis equipment and playing the game, but thats not always the case. Those that honestly love to watch matches, cheer on favourite athletes and stand in line to shake a hand know that collecting tennis memorabilia is just as important as participating in the sport. From pictures to posters, towels to key chains, theres no limit to what you can add to your collection, aside from space, and you can always make more of that.


Tennis memorabilia photos are possibly the most collectible pieces on the market. No matter what size the picture, it looks incredible framed and hanging on a wall next to all your other memorabilia. Whats more, its an item that is readily accessible and a good way to ease into collecting.


If you get the chance to add a game ball to your collection, you should take it. Furthermore, if you get ahold of the ball used for the game-winning point, youll be the envy of other collectors. To top it off, do your best to get the ball signed by the winner.


The rackets that professionals use are a little harder to come by but not impossible. Its rare to be able to buy a racket that actually saw the court at the Australian Open or Wimbledon, but its more than worth the cost.

Trading Cards

Whoever said trading cards were for baseball only never met a real tennis fan. Pick your favourite player, and start a collection of the various cards available for him or her. Rookie cards are highly popular because they list personal information and stats from when a player first started. If you run across one with an authentic autograph, consider yourself lucky, and add it to your collection quickly.