Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks

There are many types of terminal blocks, terminal strips and accessories on the market designed for industrial applications. Although the primary purpose of the terminal blocker is to join one electrical circuit to other electrical circuits, the design and purpose of these connectors are not all the same. Knowing more about some of the different types of terminal blocks can help make the selection process easier.

Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks

Screw clamp terminal blocks are one of the most versatile types of electrical connectors available and are a common type used for industrial applications. This style of connector features a screw that helps to clamp the wire to a terminal strip or other electrical components to secure a stable electrical connection. One of the benefits of this terminal block is that it is able to be used with an assortment of different wire sizes.

Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks

Spring clamp terminal blocks are useful in a variety of electrical connection projects that require intricate wire connections. This type employs the use of a spring as a clamping mechanism to place pressure on wires to secure a reliable electrical circuit connection. One of the benefits that comes from using spring clamp terminal blocks is that they are often handy when it comes to connecting thin wires in areas where there is not a lot of room to work.

IDC Terminal Blocks

IDC terminal blocks are another type that is frequently used in industrial settings to connect wires in a safe and efficient manner. IDC, or insulation displacement connectors, are able to make electrical connections without the need for exposing the uninsulated wire. This type creates electrical connections by securing wire between two segments of pointed metal to create a safe electrical connection.

Plug-In Terminal Blocks

Some types of industrial electrical connection projects require the use of a plug-in terminal block. They include a female port that the user connects to a wire that has a male terminal on one end. This type of terminal block is typically able to create a quick and reliable electrical connection due to its simple plug-in design.