Tessa Furniture

 Furniture shopping is an event that you only hope to experience once or twice for your home, or as often as your tastes change. It can be tempting to buy cheap furniture, but unless you intend to go shopping every few months for a new lounge chair, it is always a good idea to opt for the more expensive, but guaranteed quality, choice.When you want your furniture to last the distance, dont look past Tessa furniture. Featuring a mixture of hardwoods and veneers, as well as rich leathers and fabrics, its the perfect way to furnish your home in minimalist style.

Who is Tessa?

Fred Lowen, a German-born Australian designer is the man behind Tessa furniture. In 1972, Lowen changed the name of his business Twen (which he and his brother started in 1968) to Tessa. Since then, Freds legacy has lived on to create award-winning lounge suites, sofas and couches, footstools, chairs and more.

Why Tessa furniture is better than cheaper alternatives

Low-priced furniture may help your hip pocket now, but it wont in the future. Youll end up spending more money than you originally did. When youre ready to buy high quality and durable furniture, dont look past Tessa.A Tessa chair, couch or footstool made from hardwood or teak polishes well, is strong, and has a rich, beautiful colour. Its also moist-resistant and will last for a long time. You may need to spend a bit more, but you wont need to buy another Tessa furniture piece for years to come. Tessa leather is always going to be the more expensive option compared to other materials, but youll get a soft, supple seating that you will be able to mould and slide into after a long day at work.Find new and second-hand Tessa chairs, lounge suites, and more online on eBay today. Buy outright or place a bid against other potential buyers for great prices that you wont get at your local furniture store.