Testing the humidity of a room is essential for many people, as low humidity may irritate the nose and throat, while also causing dry skin. On the other hand, high humidity causes allergic reactions, odours and chronic coughing. Taking this into account, having humidity test equipment in the house in the form of hygrometers can help you determine whether a certain room would benefit from humidity adjustments.


Besides being excellent solutions for increasing the comfort in a home or office year-round, hygrometers are also essential when it comes to protecting sensitive musical instruments. If you have a violin, guitar or cello that requires being kept at a certain humidity and temperature, a hygrometer and temperature probes are vital to protect your instrument. Hygrometers are also essential for cigar lovers, as they can monitor the humidity of their humidors. Moreover, they work well in combination with a thermometer for rooms prone to window condensation or mould.


Multiple types of hygrometers are available, and many of them include a thermometer as well. You can opt for an analogue or digital model, with the latter being easier to read and use. Many come complete with protective holsters for easy storage. If you are looking for one that you can also use outside, look for a model specifically designed for this purpose, as some hygrometers only read indoor humidity levels.


Different hygrometers come with various features, and if you opt for digital models, you may expect a range of features, such as humidity and temperature readings in seconds, calculations of dew point temperatures, backlight display for quick reading, and data storage for later analysis. Many analogue and digital hygrometers for outdoor use have a rugged design, and some even come with a belt clip for easy stowing and access.