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Sound Level Meters Test Equipment

Noise pollution can have a detrimental affect upon lives, recording sound levels using Sound Level Meters and cataloguing the information allows an accurate analysis to understand the behaviour of noise pollution.

Sound Level Meter dB's

The Sound Level Meter is a hand held device with a microphone at the end, the diaphragm of the microphone converts the changes in air pressure caused by sound waves and indicates the level of sound by converting and displaying the sound level in decibels (dB).

These highly accurate sound level meters, with just ±1.5dB deviance, have automatic ranging and can detect sound from 30 to 130dB. To give some comprehension on the measure of dB, a human breath is averagely recorded at 10dB (barely audible), in comparison to listening to a jet take off (when you are 25 m away).

The option of having the Sound Level Meter with an additional Sound Calibrator is recommended, it emits an audible sound which is at a set frequency, this ensures that your sound level meter is running to optimum levels, similarly available throughout the range of meters across different industries.

Internal and External Storage

These sound level meters capabilities expand to being able to store up to 32,000 readings for you to refer to later, whether you take advantage of the model with a USB port allowing you to connect the meter to your computer and directly catalogue the information into your computer. If you choose a model without the USB Port capabilities, the results are still displayed on an LCD screen, which are similar to those utilised throughout Industrial Test Meter Detectors.

Meters for 'Every' Industry Across eBay

The assortment of Meters available on eBay is profound, whether you require a meter for gas detection, air quality, air flow Meters & anemometers or to measure the power of fibre optic's, the products available are far reaching.