Fabric Art Products

If you are a lover of art, and the texture of fabrics, fabric art products could be your ideal finding. The artistry of these products involves using yarns, beads and other fibre to create the piece. The product could be a fabric wall art in forms such as portraits, scarves, or other wall hangings. It could also be fabric art pillow covers among other products.

What are fabric art product designs available?

The fabric art products are available in different designs that you can choose from. These include the animal, botanical, bird, ethnic and abstract fabric art.

  • Animal fabric arts: These incorporate an animal as the main subject in the artwork.
  • Botanical fabric art: The botanical fabric arts have plants as the subjects of the art. The plant could be a flower print or anything similar.
  • Bird fabric arts: As the name suggests, these have a bird featured as the main theme.
  • Ethnic fabric arts: Ethnic fabric arts are ethnic inspired and representing a particular culture. The art could comprise of people from a particular community.
  • Abstract fabric arts: These do not represent anything in particular. The fabric artwork uses a visual language of colour, lines, forms and shapes to create an effect.

How are the fabric art products made?

The designs in the fabric art products are created using techniques such as the following:

  • Tapestry: This is a form of textile art which involves weaving. The weft yarns are manipulated to form a pattern or design on the front of a fabric. To create the different designs, coloured yarns are used.
  • Embroidery: This is a craft that involves decorating a fabric using a needle and thread or yarn. Other materials such as beads, pearls, quills and sequins may also be used in this artwork as ornaments.
  • Printing: In this case, coloured patterns are impressed on the fabric.

Where can the fabric art products be used?

The artistry style used in fabric art products make them aesthetically appealing. They are therefore used as decorations in any space. Fabric wall arts such as portraits can, for instance, be put up in offices or at homes.