Collecting Thailand Stamps

Many people who enjoy stamp collecting, a hobby called philately, have heard about the beauty of Thai stamps. It’s not as difficult as you might think to buy an unused, used, or limited-edition Thailand stamp. In fact, you don’t have to find a Thai stamp shop or order a Thailand stamp catalog to build your Thailand stamp collection. Instead, you can easily find affordable Thailand stamps on eBay.

Types of stamps available

Uncertain about what types of Thai stamps you should get for your collection? The good news is that you can get almost any type of new or preowned stamps from Thailand by keeping an eye on a Thai stamps sale. You can get political figures, cuisine, architecture themes, and more.

How should I begin a Thailand stamp collection?

Although you may be highly interested in stamp collecting, you may not know how to start your collection. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the large variety of Thai stamps available. Begin by collecting all the equipment you need to carefully handle your stamps and store them in a safe place. To avoid touching stamps with your fingers, you want to use stamp tongs to minimize the risk of getting smudges on them. Also, you need to get a special stamp album to store your stamps.

Once you get the equipment you need, you should then think about what type of philatelist you want to be. For instance, a traditional philatelist will collect all types of stamps, while a thematic philatelist will collect stamps based on themes like presidents, flowers, animals, or commemorative events.

How do you discover valuable stamps?

As a hobbyist, you may just want to collect beautiful stamps. Thailand has many visually attractive ones. Conversely, you may be interested in discovering rare Thai stamps to add to your collection. When you collect Thailand stamps, there are a few things to look for to discover if you own a Thailand stamp whose value exceeds what you paid for it.

  • Thai stamps issued in the early part of the 20th century could be rare Thailand stamps because they were printed in the wrong colour, are off-center, or are double-sided.
  • Rare Thailand stamps may also be vintage stamps that were never used and still have the original adhesive.

Fortunately, there are many types of stamps that you can start collecting today that will appreciate many years from now. If you have done a great job in your search for rare Thai stamps, then you might even find some stamps that have acquired great value over the years.