The Beatles Vinyl Records

The Beatles Vinyl Records

Chances are you've heard at least one of The Beatles' songs in your lifetime and have probably even hummed along to the tune. This English rock band, first formed in 1960, was prolific and extremely popular. They struck a chord with teens all over the world and changed the face of rock-and-roll music forever by experimenting with and incorporating many musical styles into their songs. Many people are fans of this group and show it by collecting their work on vinyl records, which was the primary music medium during the height of their fame. If you are interested in owning a few Beatles records, you'll find that prices and availability vary as widely as record condition does.

Why is Record Condition Important?

Original vinyl records may have scratches, dents and even warping to them that impacts their playability, and most people who collect old Beatles vinyl want to be able to actually listen to the songs. Plus, the better the condition, the more valuable the record is to other buyers. There is a standard grading system that judges records by whether they've been opened, by whether there is damage to the disc and even by the condition of the album cover.

What Are Some Valuable Beatles Records to Buy?

One of the most valuable Beatles vinyl records for sale was a copy of the White Album, once owned by Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, which sold for a little over one million dollars. It will be very difficult to find a hidden gem like that from a seller, but you can find other less pricey copies of the original White Album if you plan to build up a collection. Nearly all the original Beatles record albums and singles will retain (and even increase) their value over time, as this band was a tremendous influencer of the rock-and-roll genre.

How to Care for My Vinyl Records?

Keep your records at room temperature in a protected area, ideally on record shelving. If you plan to take your records anywhere, you might also want to purchase portable record storage, such as lidded cases and crates. You'll also want to keep your records clean, both to protect them and to ensure that they sound better on your record player. There are many ways to clean records, ranging from doing it by hand with a microfibre cloth and 3:1 solution of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol to using a record cleaner machine.