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The Flash Costumes For Men

The Flash is one of the hottest superheroes today, so there is little wonder that The Flash dress costumes for men are high on the list of men's costumes for Halloween.

Comic Book Flash vs. CW's Flash

An iconic comic book character, The Flash has been around since the early days of Batman and Superman. But, like many other superheroes, The Flash has recently undergone some major changes to bring the character in line with modern-day styling. That means that cosplayers and Halloween enthusiasts have a choice to make when choosing their men's Flash costume: should you choose The Flash costume from the classic comic books, or the updated version?

Old-School Styling Makes Way for Darker Colours

While there are still many similarities between the old comic book style of The Flash costume and the newer version, the differences are obvious. For this reason, The Flash suit costumes generally come in two different styles, reflective of the different versions between the comic book and big screen. In general, the older comic book style of The Flash costumes are a brighter red and make use of faux muscle padding for a bulkier look. The newer style of The Flash costume features darker colours and a sleeker design, without the emphasis on muscle bulk.

The Flash vs. Superman

Comic book fans love speculating about which superhero would win in a fight or, in this case, a race. It has long been held that The Flash can move at superhuman speeds but, of course, Superman is faster than a speeding bullet. So, who would win? While many races have been suggested and even attempted between the two popular superheroes, most races have been abandoned or rigged in some way. But one race really did conclude, and Adventures of Superman #463 (1990) proved that The Flash actually could beat Superman in a race. Anyone choosing The Flash costumes for men can feel satisfied in knowing that they've chosen the fastest superhero of all time, and can feel slightly smug whenever they see someone else wearing a Superman costume.

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