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The North Face Men's Backpack

Searching for and picking out men’s bags and briefcases requires more attention than the average shopper knows. It's not just about seeing one you like and buying it. The bag needs to be the proper size for what you intend to carry, have enough pockets to keep items separate, and it should be an aesthetically pleasing colour. Taking a few steps before purchasing ensures you will happy for years with your new backpack.


The first thing to decide on is the size of the pack you will need in order to carry all the day's essentials comfortably. The North Face list backpacks in three different sizes. Small is 22 litres and below, a medium is 23 to 30 litres and the large is 31 to 50 litres. For most people, a medium sized backpack is perfect.


The North Face company likes to give customers options. Therefore, when it comes to colours, you have multiple hues and shades to choose from to guarantee you're satisfied with your backpack. Of course, you don't have to stick with just a solid colour; many of the bags have two or three different colours to break up the monotony that comes from only having one pigment.


There are many benefits to using a backpack or a North Face men’s duffle gym bag. The most obvious is the way you carry it. With a backpack, weight distributes evenly over both shoulders and back, while a duffel bag’s strap is usually only on one shoulder, which doesn't allow for even distribution of weight. Additional benefits to look at include water resistant, reflective material and whether or not the bag is packable or storable for those times when you're not using it.


There are many features to choose from when looking at men's backpacks. Does it need to be laptop compatible, and if so, what size laptop will you be carrying? Is there a place to hold a water bottle? You also need to take into consideration the type of opening and whether or not there is padding in the handles, which will make for a more comfortable carry.