What is The Wet Brush?

You may have heard of The Wet Brush, but what is it and what can it be useful for? If you find that your hair tangles excessively and snags on any kind of hair brush that you own then this could be the solution. The secret of the Wet Brush is in the bristles. It has a unique design, known as the IntelliFlex bristles, which is designed to easily run through wet hair or dry hair and leave it looking fabulous.

The benefits

How you brush your hair is the key to strong and healthy hair.The Wet Brush is perfect for use on wet or dry hair. It does not only work on natural hair, but also extensions and wigs to leave them looking smooth and well-groomed. The way that it works is by gently loosening knots without breaking hair.It gently and equally distributes the natural oils in the hair from the scalp all the way down to the tips, leaving hair feeling soft and nourished.This gentle detangling limits the amount of breakage from brushing your hair, and reduces overall hair loss.

For curly hair, you know that it is very hard to find a brush that does not tease or frizz, but with the Wet Brush those days are long gone! For best results with curly hair, only use the wet brush when hair is wet.

Children, especially those with longer hair often hate having their hair brushed due to sensitive scalps that are common when younger.The wet brush changes the brushing game for parents, as its gentle action stops the tears and tantrums after bathtime.