The Wiggles Character Toys

The Wiggles Character Toys

The beloved Australian childrens group, the Wiggles, takes inspiration from their content to produce merchandise, including clothing, accessories, DVDs, music, books, home and lifestyle items, and of course toys and games. Like the Wiggles content, the toys and games reflect and reinforce educational content for young children.

Stuffed Animals

Many of the Wiggles character toys include different versions of Dorothy the Dinosaur and Wags the Dog. There is also an Emma Makes a Bear toy that is popular. Stuffed animals are cuddly toys that help children learn life skills from playing with them, and they often become emotionally attached.

Dolls and Action Figures

Some Wiggles dolls and character toys are replicas of the Wiggles cast, which has gone through many changes since their 1991 inception. Since 1992, there have consistently been four members of the Wiggles, colour coded into blue, yellow, purple, and red. The Wiggles doll character toys are often plush for younger fans, but older children may enjoy The Wiggles action figure character toys that are smaller and use harder plastics.

Musical Instruments

Toy versions of guitars, xylophones, and keyboards are all popular because they allow children to create music like the Wiggles. The instruments like adult musical instruments or the instruments that the Wiggles use but come in a size thats appropriate for a child, with rudimentary capabilities so that young children find mastery and become familiar with the concept of musical instruments.


The Wiggles games play off of educational themes that the Wiggles promote and emphasise in their performances. Some involve shapes and colours, while others involve more action, like dance. Emmas Bowtiful Ballet Studio includes a ballet bar, mat, and DVD, while the Wiggles Felt set includes felt mix and match pieces to create various scenarios.