Thermacell Mosquito Repellent

Are you tired of being eaten alive by the mozzies? Do you prefer to skip the DEET or picaridin sprays and lotions? Thermacell mosquito repellent offers you a 21-metre area where you can safely avoid being mozzie bait. In fact, it is up to 96 per cent effective. This is a great addition to your arsenal of insect and mosquito protection equipment.

How Thermacell Works

Thermacell works by using allethrin, a synthetic version of the chemical in chrysanthemums, that repels insects. Instead of spraying it on yourself, the product is heated and permeates throughout an area around you. Keep in mind, the product is meant to be used outside, never inside.

Lanterns, Patio Shields and Bush Walking

Thermacell offers several different products. The lanterns are designed to be a decorative display on a table or other flat surface outside. A version called the Patio Shield comes in many different colours meant to match your outdoor space. A product released in 2018, the Radius runs on batteries and is transportable on aeroplanes to be used at any elevation. Finally, if you're looking for something you can take with you whilst you're out and about, try portable Thermacells. For instance, the Backpacker works with camping gas canisters so you can enjoy longer time out in the bush. This is the same butane that fuels camping stoves.

Refills and Accessories

One of the most convenient aspects about Thermacell products is the fact that almost each one works on the same mats. There is no need to remember what version you have to purchase the right refills. Also, with the exception of the Backpacker, they use the same butane cartridges.

Butane and Allethrin Safety

One important aspect about the Thermacell products is the use of butane. Of course, these pressurised cartridges cannot be taken in aeroplanes. However, they are safe when appropriately used in Thermacell products. As for the chemical allethrin, this has been used in repellent products for years. So long as it is not sprayed on the skin and out used outdoors, it is safe to humans.