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Build your own PC with Thermaltake computer cases

Serious gamers and PC enthusiasts love building their own PCs. If that sounds like you, then you understand the importance of having practical, well-designed computer cases that allow for great cooling and airflow. Look no further than this great range of Thermaltake cases.

Choose your form factor

Thermaltake computer cases are extremely popular among gamers and serious computer users. Part of that is because their designs are suited to those who like to build their own custom machines. The other factor is appearance. Featuring sleek, sci-fi inspired designs, funky lights and unique shapes, Thermaltake fans can create something truly unique from their PC.

You also have the choice of several form factors, including ATX Full, MicroATX, ATX Mid and Mini-ITX. So, whether you want a big system packed with hardware or something compact and convenient, there’s something for everyone in the Thermaltake range.

Built for airflow

Thermaltake is a brand that understands the importance of keeping your system cool. With more recent additions to the product line such as the Frostbite, you can keep your system ultra-cool while gaming or working on long projects. Every Thermaltake case is expertly designed so that you can pack plenty of hardware components inside, while still allowing air to flow evenly through the system. Many models even have a built-in ventilated PSU cover design which improves the airflow even further by keeping obstructions out of the way, such as messy cables.

Tempered glass hinged panels

If you want to see what’s going on inside your PC and get easy access to your system, look for computer cases from Thermaltake with tempered glass hinged panels. These panels provide easy access for making adjustments, and also give your machine a sleek, modern look. These hinged panels are great if you need to regularly switch out storage devices or other components. It certainly beats unscrewing your computer case every time you want to work on the PC!