Test Equipment, Thermometers and Hygrometers   

When conducting various tests and analytics, it is important to have the right type of equipment and thermometers. Thermometers can provide a lot of data depending upon what you are testing.   

What Types of Thermometers Are There?   

  • Infrared and laser. An infrared thermometer utilizes thermal radiation given off from the object that you are measuring. Laser thermometers use a laser to zero in on the temperature of the item you measure.        
  • Resistance thermometers. These thermometers utilize sensors to get a temperature reading. Resistance thermometers are essentially a long, thin wire that wraps around a ceramic or glass rod.    
  • Thermocouple thermometers. These thermometers have two electrical conductors that form electrical junctions at different temperatures. This thermocouple mechanism produces a voltage based on the temperature, which you can then interpret to measure a temperature.   

 What Types of Testing Equipment Is There?   

  • Temperature probes. Probes are part of the thermometers testing equipment that you use to stick into whatever you’re testing to get an accurate temperature reading.   
  • Hygrometers. Hygrometers are essentially humidity thermometers. They test and can read the amount of humidity, as well as take a reading of the overall temperature.