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Use A Thermos Flask to Keep Hot Things Hot and Cold Things Cold

You might think that vacuum flasks are just for picnics and other al fresco dining options. However, vacuum insulation has a world of uses indoors, too. For example, do you ever make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, then find it beside you three hours later, cold and unappealing?

An insulated travel mug can save you time, effort, and frustration by keeping your hot drinks at an ideal temperature for longer. And the reverse also works quite well – in summer, you can create icy cold drinks and add them to an insulated cup to keep the refreshing cool lasting for more of your day. With eBay, you'll find an abundance of Thermos flasks to choose from.

Hot soup on a cold day in a Thermos vacuum flask

One of the most timelessly popular uses for a Thermos flask has to be for hot soup. Add it straight from the pot in the morning, and have a warm drink-snack for morning tea or lunch. You don't have to be outside to enjoy this convenience, either – it's a handy way to avoid using the office microwave at peak usage times. Thermos flasks are also great for kids lunches and recess, as they're unlikely to have access to a microwave but often want something tasty and warming to eat in the middle of winter.

Cold water on a hot day

These days, Thermos make a range of reusable drink bottles that are eco-friendly (no single-use plastic here!) and will keep your water colder so that it's more refreshing right when you need a boost. And there's nothing to say that you need to restrict yourself to water, either. You can use them for carbonated drinks, juices, iced tea and coffee, or even a margarita if you're feeling in the mood for a drink. Just make sure that the margarita bottle is labelled as only for adults!