Thigh Exercisers

Thigh Exercisers

There are many options when it comes to thigh exercisers and the one you choose should depend on your overall workout goals. While thigh exercisers that encourage you to stand use more muscles, those you use while sitting down allow you to target specific muscle groups. In addition to your thigh muscles, you may want to target nearby structures, which will enhance your physique and support the areas youre strengthening.

Standing up

Your thighs strengthen and develop better tone when making the movements they accomodate, such as running, walking, and pivoting. As these exercises require you to remain upright, using stand up machines makes it easier to target all muscle groups. In addition, these machines often target nearby muscles, such as your calves and gluteus maximus.

Sitting down

If youre keen to target your inner thighs, using equipment you position between your inner thigh muscles is best. Items such as thigh rings encourage you to push these muscles together against opposing forces, allowing them to gain tone and bulk.

Enhance your workout

Thigh exercisers are versatile strength training units that are great for beginners. Combined with an abdominal machine it is easy to create an effective workout designed to sculpt and tone the hips, upper arms, chest, and buttock. Many exercises can be accomplished while sitting in a chair or lying on an exercise mat, allowing you to make the workout as strenuous or as relaxing as you need. When you combine fitness equipment and gear, you stand a better chance of strengthening additional muscle groups.


A lot of the fitness equipment and gear designed to tackle thigh muscles serves multiple purposes, allowing you to sculpt areas such as your chest or abdomen. If youre looking beyond just your thighs, choose a multipurpose item thatll allow you to streamline your workout, making it easier to slot your fitness routine into a busy schedule.