Style away with thinning shears

For many people, their hair is their pride and joy and they spend a lot of time and effort getting their style perfected. However, all hair isn't made the same, and for some different types, you may need to thin out the hair to achieve the look you want. This is normally for thick or coarse hair which needs to be coaxed into position. Luckily, there are plenty of salon quality hair cutting scissors and shears, available for either professional or personal use. Because of the sharp razor blades on many of these items, it's imperative that they are kept away from children.

Why hair might need thinning out

Some hair types are just naturally too thick to hold a style. By losing the bulk of the weight of the hair from the back of the head, it straight away becomes more manageable allowing you to run your fingers through your newly styled hair. This technique can be carried out without losing the length. You'll also find it easier to style using products such as hair blow dry lotions and serums for a more softened and gentle look. Thinning shears are an excellent way to cut direction and movement into the layers of your hair without compromising on length.

Available thinning shears

There are many different products around, mainly separated into blending shears and thinning shears. The latter has teeth on both blades, whereas the former has one sharp blade and one blunt blade which allows more control. Thinning shears should also be handled very carefully to avoid removing too much hair.

There are professional salon sets with both thinning shears and 6-inch blending shears to cover all bases. Or you can just purchase basic thinning shears if that's all you need. Thinning shears come in a range of styles, with popular options being gold, pink or silver hair thinning shears. The Unicorn plus product gives a perfect, salon finish to your hair. Professional hair cutting scissors from Japan and made from Japanese steel are very lightweight and smooth.