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With fashion more diverse now than ever before, the jewellery collections by Thomas Sabo are just as eclectic. Fashionistas have fallen in love with Thomas Sabo jewellery, and you will too.

Inspired by our past with designs for our present, Thomas Sabo is a popular and modern jewellery powerhouse with an innovative range of jewellery encompassing all styles imaginable, and all with a pristine finishing standard. Specializing in unique jewellery in sterling silver and other accessories, this jewellery brand from Germany bridges the gap between beauty and functionality with an extraordinary attention to detail. 

Thomas Sabo has an innovative and versatile range of jewellery and other accessories with a bespoke feel. Thomas Sabo has created an enviable reputation internationally for his fusion of high-end materials, with the finest craftsmanship, and the very latest in jewellery trends. The result is popular and covetable keepsakes that are somehow simultaneously timeless and effortlessly in-the-moment.

About Thomas Sabo

The Thomas Sabo brand has stood for trendsetting, innovative, and versatile designs of the highest quality for jewellery and watches ever since 1984

A major aspect of their jewellery is its individuality, with diverse designs for everything they create such as all harmonised so that they can be perfectly combined. This allows for a quite personal look while unique jewellery statements can emerge.

The aim of Thomas Sabo is to offer every man or woman their ideal accessory that is suitable for each outfit as well as every event. This allows you to reinvent yourself with each new day, with a timeless classic or that way-out style of rock 'n' roll.

Thomas Sabo has a heart of distinctive individuality, with an extensive and diverse range of chains, rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and beads all designed in a harmonious state, so with a mix and match they can create some combinations of truly bespoke jewellery. The aim of the fine jewellery brand is to offer every man or woman the perfect accessory for each outfit and every occasion. The pieces range between timeless and minimalist, and between irreverent, ornate, and exotic, which may be why reinvention is always encouraged.

Utilising only the finest of materials like rose gold plating, 18-carat yellow gold, 925 sterling silver, premium stainless steel, ceramic, and zirconia, Thomas Sabo will forever stand for unparalleled quality. Punctuating the various polished metals, are obsidian, onyx, and freshwater pearls, which combine to create a transcendent yet luxury aesthetic for all seasons.

Thomas Sabo Jewellery Range

More than just basic jewellery, each piece has been designed and created with passion and precision by Thomas Sabo, so that they can mix, match, and stack them together. 

As a brand that stands for individuality and versatility, Thomas Sabo creates iconic and expressive designs which are like one of the German jewellery brand’s main characteristics. Love knots, skulls, and infinity symbols are just a few of Thomas Sabo common designs that really set them apart from the rest. 

Enter Thomas Sabo’s world and discover the beautiful Sterling Silver selection of pieces for men and women alike, from the feminine and sophisticated Glam & Soul line, to the romantic Love Bridge collection, as well as the fashionable jewellery line for men called Rebel at Heart. Travel the world with thee Charm Collection, use Karma Beads to get back in touch with all your chakras, or head down the beautiful jewellery line for anyone who loves retaining memories from their special moments and other travels.

Iconic German brand Thomas Sabo features ranges of charms and charm bracelets and necklaces. With classic lines of Special Addition, Charm Club, Pop Now, and Glam Soul, Thomas Sabo remains an instantly recognisable fashion label that is always perfect for both casual dress and formal nights on the town. With jewellery ranges for both ladies and gents, Thomas Sabo is sure to have something for everyone. The current collections by Thomas Sabo are split into 3 different categories of jewellery, watches and beauty.

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver collection

This collection of Sterling Silver combines the ladies' Glam & Soul jewellery line, as well as the gentlemen's Rebel at Heart line, plus the new unisex Karma Beads line. Our Sterling Silver style of designs are certainly unmistakable and unique, while the Karma Beads introduction opens the many variations and individual combinations of possibility between individual lines. 

Thomas Sabo Watches collection

The Watches collection has been a part of the Thomas Sabo product portfolio since 2009 and it ideally reflects on the DNA of the brand. No matter what the social function, the collection of high-profile ladies' and gentlemen's watches provides anyone with the perfect timepiece. The most distinguishing features of these Watch Collections are the high design standards, combined with excellent quality of workmanship and material.

Thomas Sabo Fine Jewellery collection

Thomas Sabo now has a genuine collection of fine jewellery available for purchase, which was made in masterly fashion from the most precious metals available. The collection offers creations that were inspired by Indian culture, like the seven elegant Chakra pendants or the opulent body jewellery. Other iconic motifs found on the Sterling Silver collection include the Wheel of Karma, the Skull, or the Love Knot, all of which are interpreted as new.

Thomas Sabo Rings

Eternity rings, band rings, cocktail rings, signet rings, and solitaires, are just a few of the many types of ring available from the stunning collection of Thomas Sabo jewellery for women. Not only do they have decorative elements, but they also have multiple meanings for those who have multiple rings. The Thomas Sabo collection of rings are truly beautiful vehicles of personal expressions and sweet symbols of eternal love and friendship.

Thomas Sabo jewellery is available for men and women or any other accessories we have available that may furnish every aspect of your life. Shop the collection of jewellery by Thomas Sabo that is available today on eBay for that special something that is as unique as you are.