Thule is a Swedish company that has been making products to help people get outdoors and active since 1942. Currently, Thule offers car and bicycle storage and carrier products. Options like roof boxes and bicycle carriers allow you to go places whilst trusting in a quality product to protect your belongings.

Thule Roof Racks and Other Storage

Thule roof racks and other car roof storage systems can help give you more options for carrying and moving your belongings. Surfboards, furniture and even extra luggage can go on the roof of your car, instead of you trying to find space for it inside. This is especially convenient if you have a smaller car. When shopping for roof racks, make sure to check the width against your car so that you do not run into compatibility issues.

Thule Bicycle Racks

Thule bike racks are well-known for their high quality. They are easy to use and offer lightweight security for your bicycles. Their racks can hold from one up to five bicycles at a time. Depending on your car, you can find the right mount for a bike rack. Thule offers roof mounts, hitch mounts and towbar mounts. A roof mount may be fine if you have a smaller car or if you can easily reach the roof of your car. You may want to look into hitch mounts if you would rather carry your bikes on the rear of your vehicle instead.

Thule Bike Accessories

In addition to bicycle racks for cars and trucks, Thule also makes other bike accessories. If it can make it easier for you to use your bicycle, Thule has it. You can find hard cases that will protect your bike whilst transporting it on an airplane. There are also racks and panniers that let you carry more on your treks.

Other Bike Accessories

Since Thule supports an active lifestyle, it shouldn't surprise you that they also carry accessories like bicycle trailers and child seats. Parents can rely on Thule bicycle trailers to keep kids safe during cycling trips to the park or the city.