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Thunder Tiger RC Vehicles and Toys

Kids and adults of all ages appreciate a cool remote controlled vehicle. The classic is a buggy, or maybe jeep, made out of shiny plastic and with flame decals and an antenna bobbing to the movement of the car tearing across lawns, streets, and fields. Thunder Tiger is a Taiwanese manufacturer of high-end remote controlled vehicles. They’ve got those buggies, but also helicopters, ships, and even submersibles!

A Wide Range

Thunder Tiger’s remote controlled car range consists of both original designs and designs based on actual cars, like the Toyota Hilux, which can climb rocks with the best goats. These remote controlled cars were made primarily for adult enthusiasts, and wouldn’t look out of place around the remote controlled racing circuit. They swerve and drift and bounce in ways no toy store RC car could ever accomplish. Thunder Tiger obsessively engineers their remote controlled cars to behave like real cars in miniature.

All Terrain

Thunder Tiger’s range extends well beyond just cars. They also sell model airplanes, helicopters, quadcopters (also commonly known as drones) as well as ships for on and below the surface. The Seawolf is Thunder Tiger’s entry into the RC submarine market, but they already have a range of more conventional boats, covering both speedboat-type models as well as sailing yachts and trimarans. In the air, the range of helicopters is as expansive as the sky, and the planes are no slouches either.

Size Matters

Any scale model has a scale that indicates what size it is relative to a full-size counterpart, whether such a counterpart might actually exist or not. Thunder Tiger produces their vehicles in a variety of scales. 1:8 scale Thunder Tiger RC vehicles are the largest and most common size, but there are also offerings for 1:10 scale Thunder Tiger RC vehicles, and even 1:12 scale options.