Make Thunderbirds go with vehicles, figurines and other toys from eBay 

Thunderbirds is a relic of 1960s TV history that has lived on, charming millions of viewers and fans around the world for decades. Like all timeless series, Thunderbirds transcended the small screen, expanding into the pop culture mainstream in the form of collectables, clothing and more. Looking for a taste of fantastic British science-fiction fun? eBay has Thunderbids action figures and other toys that can have you reliving the past or introducing these beloved characters to a whole new generation of fans.

Short lifespan, long-term impact

With so many fans all over the world, you might think Thunderbirds was on the air for years. But youd be wrong. The animated favourite actually only produced new shows for about a year, airing from September 1965 to December 1966. But the show has gone on to grow in stature in the decades since and has been remade for radio, TV and theatres, bringing in new groups of younger fans.

Made for play

When you think about the premise of the Thunderbirds show, you see how well-suited it is for action figures, vehicles and other toys that have captured the imagination of thousands. With the International Rescue organisation and its stable of high-tech boats, planes and cars, not to mention the Thunderbirds themselves, ready to thwart attacks and save the day, its no wonder toy companies have been able to churn out terrific toys to match.

Cant get into the secret base on Tracy Island? Dont worry about it. eBay has access to awesome Thunderbirds toys and more online every day.