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Australian Helen O’Connor was inspired by a Fashion Institute of Technology scholarship. When she returned to Australia, she kicked off the Thurley label. The name is one that has been carried by her family for generations. While it came from humble beginnings, the brand has grown at full-speed and is now one of the most desired labels in Australia. 

The first collection debuted in 2006 at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week. By 2008, the brand was a finalist for a design award. Having built a strong foundation, the label continued to grow, garnering a solid reputation in both the local industry and internationally. Helen has drawn inspiration from her travels and experiences with art and culture. She injects this into her designs along with a strong dose of personality. Every season, the new collection features classic and modern pieces. Thurley specialises in evening wear, embroidered dresses, elegant gowns, and stunning outerwear. Now, you will find a range of daywear, essentials, and accessories.

Thurley Midi-Length Dresses

A midi dress is any dress with a hem landing around mid-calf, which is halfway between the ankle and the knee. You can capture the essence of Europe with one of the stunning dresses named for Santorini, Valencia or Sardinia. Styles like the Wedgewood, Enchanted Garden and the Pandora perfectly capture formality that many seek from long-length dresses. Now, when you have a formal event to attend you can peruse Thurley’s mid-length dresses. From lace overlays to patterns and prints, Thurley has something for everyone. 

If it’s a cocktail or party dress that you’re looking for, be sure to check out Thurley’s embroidered dresses. They’re absolutely stunning and are suitable for just about any body shape. 

Thurley Short-Length Dresses

Unlike the midi-length dress, the hem of a short dress sits well above the knee. While a short-length dress isn’t typically viewed as an appropriate length for formal events, Thurley is changing the script. They’ve shaken the industry up and now there are so many styles to choose from. You will find a variety of formal short-length dresses, as well as more casual offerings that are perfect for dates, nights out with friends or just grabbing dinner with a loved one. 

A short cowl neck is an ideal dress for a cocktail party, while the fringe mini dress is perfect for a night of dancing! Wearing a Thurley dress isn’t going to just make you look good, it’s going to make you feel great! They are so stunning and stylish, you won’t be able to stop the confidence from brimming over. 

Thurley Knee-Length Dresses

The knee-length dress needs no explanation, it’s a dress that just reaches your knees. Whether you have a strappy dress in mind, prefer an off the shoulder number or want a full sleeve, Thurley has a knee-length dress for you. A fiesta strapless, ruffle sleeve dress is the ideal wedding outfit and a plunging V-neck style dress is sure to turn heads as you dine at your local hotel. 

Thurley has a wide range of designs to choose from. So, if you prefer a breezy dress, you’ll find it. Do you want a fitted number? Thurley has you covered. There’s something for everyone, whether you prefer patterned, prints, ruffles, or a plain, solid dress. 

Thurley Long-Length Dresses

A long-length dress skirts your ankles and it’s the perfect choice for formal attire. If you are into tradition, if you want to make a statement, then a long-length dress is a good way to do it. No dress will make you feel more like a princess than a long, flowing dress. If you have been invited to a white tie event, a floor-length dress is the only option. If it’s a black-tie event, you have more wriggle room, but a long-length dress is still the more appropriate option. The same can be said for an event that has been billed as black tie or formal optional. 

Nothing hits the spot quite like a long-length black lace dress. You can accessorise with matching handbag, shoes, and jewellery or use them to make your outfit pop with colour. The best part is it’s versatile. You can wear it to a wedding, you can wear it while eating out, it’s perfect to grab drinks in, to wear to black tie events, cocktail parties, and beyond. Shop for clothing that works for you in all different ways. 

Dressing For Your Body 

What length of dress is right for you? While your calves may have a say in the length you prefer, it’s also important to factor in the function you’re attending. For formal affairs, a long dress is often the superior option. However, with Thurley, there are plenty of formal options available in every length. You don’t have to be hemmed in by tradition. 

If you have an hourglass figure, soft draping silks are ideal to accentuate your figure. If you are pear-shaped, then you want to draw attention away from your lower body which you can do by elongating your neckline with embellished tops. Colour blocking and A-line dresses are ideal for apple-shaped figures. This draws attention from your waist. For rectangular body shapes, you want to create more curves upstairs and down. Cut out dresses are an excellent way to do this, but a big belt will also help! If you’re on the short side, then a short-length dress will help you look taller. A knee-length dress is suitable for everyone. If you have fuller or shorter legs, then midi-length is not for you. Avoid a dress that falls below your ankles and starts to skim the floor unless you have high enough heels to compensate. 

Good news for you if you are desperate to make a Thurley piece your own! You can shop the full range on eBay. Whatever your heart desires, you’re likely to find the style, colour, and design of your dreams. Aim for dresses that you can match with a variety of shoes and accessories. It’s important that you have a dress you can wear just about anywhere and that you can mix up for different occasions.