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Tie Down Points and Parts for Trailers

A trailer can be a wonderful way of transporting goods from A to B, but you need to make sure that you are able to secure everything. You need tie down anchors and trailer tie down straps to protect your trailers before you get moving. You may also like to use a cover or tarpaulin to keep things dry and protected from the elements.

What are Tie Down Points?

Trailers need tie down points so you are able to secure the things you want to transport. You need to have anchor points to start with. Some trailers come with these already but some trailers won’t so you will need to add these yourself. Tie down anchors are generally square shaped and have four holes for you to be able to attach them to the trailer. You can use the trailer tie down rings on the anchor points to attach ropes or tie down straps.

Can I Buy Sets of Anchor Points?

Recessed tie down anchors can come separately or in sets. Most sets have generally four, six or eight anchor points so think about how many you will need to place around your trailer.