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Tie-Down Straps for Motorcycles

Need to transport your motorbike from A to B? Then it's essential that you have the right transportation and towing equipment for motorcycles to ensure it gets there in one piece. You can select from either ratchet or cam buckle-style tie-down straps for motorcycles or sturdy motorcycle wheel chocks, both of which have their advantages.

Cam Buckle Tie-Down Straps

Cam buckles use friction created by the strap to hold it in place as it passes through a spring-loaded buckle. They allow you to secure your motorbike easily and increase tension on the suspension to reduce shock loading in case the vehicle transporting your bike hits a bump in the road. When the suspension compresses, the straps will slacken and cause your motorbike's suspension to compress. When it rebounds, the tie-down straps will go taut again.

Ratchet Tie-Down Straps

Ratchet tie-down straps work in a similar way but with a ratchet buckle to progressively tighten the strap. Some claim that ratchet straps are more effective at maximising compression, while others find cam buckles do the same job, but are slightly easier with which to work.

Using Tie-Down Straps

When it comes to tying down your motorbike, it depends largely on the model you own, but most use either the frame or a solidly mounted part of the frame as the attachment point. For most bikes, two ties up the front and two on either side will do the job, but you can also find six ratchet tie-downs if you want that extra bit of security with four ties up the front and two at the back.

Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

Want to keep your bike standing upright either in your garage or while transporting on a trailer or ute? Motorcycle wheel chocks are a good alternative piece of motorcycle towing equipment, securing the front wheel so the bike remains in an upright position. Wheel chocks are usually manufactured with an adjustable, multi-fit design so that you can secure almost any motorbike wheel into it. They can be mounted on your garage floor or the tray of a ute, eliminating the use of a kickstand.

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