Tie Downs & Straps


Tie It Down Securely With Tie Down Straps

When transporting large cargo, you need to figure out the best method of tying it down to your vehicle so you can move it safely and securely from point to point. Although many tie-down options exist, such as ropes, bungee cords, and cargo nets, tie-down straps have become an essential component of these processes. 

A tie-down strap is a reusable fastener that is generally composed of high-tensile webbing. A metal buckle is usually connected to one end of the strap, through which the other end is threaded. Tie-down straps come in a variety of sizes and kinds, each with its own break strength and operating load limit, and you’ll find a full range available on eBay.

Considerations when shopping

The first thing to consider is the type of strap you require. Tie-down straps are classified into two types: heavy duty and low duty. The heavy-duty style is used to secure heavy appliances or sporting equipment, while the lighter one is used to secure lightweight goods. Be aware that a lightweight strap will not be able to support the heavy weight.

A heavy-duty tie-down strap can support over 1,000kg and generally has a length of up to 20 feet, though these dimensions do vary. You want to make sure the S-hooks are ergonomic and rubber-coated is often best. Be wary of flimsy straps, and check whether your preferred straps come with a warranty.

Ratchet straps are the most durable tie-down straps. These are ideal for transporting large goods or an ATV – and they can hold up to 10,000kg or more. They can be changed to a height of over fifteen feet, and they are often made from polyester webbing, which makes them more robust. A quick-release mechanism will make them much more convenient.

Tie-down straps allow you to secure your goods for transportation, whether it is a light or large load, a flatbed trailer, or a pickup vehicle. Make sure you choose the right strap for your luggage or gear – if your strap isn’t strong enough, you risk losing the load. Get the best quality tie-down straps on eBay today and make the transport of heavy goods a breeze. There’s plenty of other workshop equipment and workshop equipment accessories available too.