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Tiffany & Co. Fine Rings

Tiffany and Co. Fine Rings

If you are looking to give a very special gift to someone in your life, or just to treat yourself, Tiffany and Co. fine rings are a fantastic choice that really impress. With a range of options from delicately simple to totally glam, these fine rings will make just about anyone smile. Whats even more, they can be styled in so many different ways to match with just about any outfit.

Metals in Fine Rings

One of the most noticeable traits of a fine ring is the metal it is made out of. Tiffany and Co. fine rings come in a variety of metals, and thus in a variety of colours as well. Tiffany and Co. fine rings are commonly made from platinum and sterling silver. These rings also be made from different types of gold, such as yellow gold, white gold, or even trendy rose gold rings. The metal you pick may depend on your tastes, your budget, and your rings desired durability.

Stones in Fine Rings

What can make many Tiffany and Co. fine rings a total head-turner are the stone or stones that are embedded in the rings. While simple rings without stones and a clean band are equally as stunning, many people opt for rings with stones to complement their overall look. Diamonds may be the most commonly purchased type of stone for fine rings, but rubies, sapphires, amethysts and other coloured stones make for unique ring choices as well.

Ring Styles

Tiffany and Co. rings come in a variety of styles, that all differ slightly from one another with stone placement and band type. For example, eternity rings are embedded with stones around the entire band. Solitaire styles have one single stone that stands out from the band. Three-stone rings contain multiple stones, while stackable rings may be thinner and fit among one another when stacked on one finger. You are sure to find a Tiffany and Co. ring style that perfectly fits with your desired tastes.

Finishing Your Tiffany and Co. Look

What makes Tiffany and Co. such a great brand to purchase from is that they have a wide variety of other pieces of jewellry that perfectly complement whatever rings you may purchase. Bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings all make for fantastic additions to your gift. Or, you can build upon your gift with other matching pieces in future years.