Tilley Lamps

Tilley lamps are based on pressure lamps which were invented in 1830s. During world war I, the company which produced these lamps switched to kerosene as the fuel source and since then, the term Tilley lamp became synonymous with kerosene lamps. Initially the Tilley lamps were used by soldiers in army, however, later on they became popular in households as well. Tilley lamps either use kerosene or paraffin as their energy source. The reason many people use Tilley lamps these days is because of their aesthetic appeal and glowing light.

Tilley Collectible Kerosene Lamps

Tilley lamps are gathered by artisans, artists and photographers for their aesthetic appeal and vintage designs. They are used as décor items in events as well. Vintage Tilley lamps have longer slim bodies, whereas others have rounder bodies with various designs painted on them. The value of vintage Tilley collectible kerosene lamps depends on the material used in their bodies, the type of paint and surface material used, the type of carving or design on them and also the collection and time period they come from.

Tilley Lamps for Camping and Hiking

Tilley lamps are used by hikers and campers during their camps and treks. They are used along with flash lights and last for longer durations. The Tilley lamps for camping and hiking come with extra spare wicks and the wicks for these are covered with extra paraffin to make them last longer.

Why use a Tilley Lamp?

Tilley lamps are used for their warm, glowing light as compared to the fluorescent light of LED lamps. Moreover, they have a historical and vintage image associated with them due to which these appeal to traditionalists. They are often used in tandem with fairy lights for decorative purposes in events.