Tilting TV Mounts & Stands

Tilting TV Wall Mounts and Brackets

With the rise of flat screen plasma and LCD TVs, and their increasing slimness, TV wall mounts and brackets have become a useful accessory. TV wall mounts allow your TV to be hung on the wall not unlike a painting, providing a sleek and structured look to the room. Tilting brackets allow you to adjust the set to the perfect angle for your viewing pleasure, which means you can curl up on the couch or in bed and not have to worry about sitting up to watch your favourite programmes.

Tilting and Swivel TV Wall Mounts

Tilting TV wall mounts allow you to angle your set up or down, whilst swivel mounts allow you to alter it from side to side. Some mounts are designed to combine the two functions in one, so you can really get your view into the absolute perfect position. These are ideal for people who move their rooms about a lot, or perhaps need to spend a lot of time in bed. Attached to the wall, the unit features a hinged arm to swivel, and ends in the bracket itself, which has a tilt function. These are constructed from reinforced steel and can hold weights of up to about 29 kilogrammes. They are designed to be compatible with commonly used brands, such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic and Philips. Many of the latest models of tilt and swivel TV wall mounts are slim in design, allowing you to showcase your TV close against the wall, which bulkier mounts dont let you do.

Tilting TV Wall Mounts

TV mounts with a tilt function only provide a sturdy attachment point to the wall with two strong steel arms to tilt your television set up or down, as you prefer. They are easy to install and can be attached to most TV brands. Once the mount is set up on both the wall and into the back of your TV set, you can simply slot the TV into place and lift it out again when you want to move it. Designed to hold TV sets from 32 inches right up to a whopping 65 inches, youll be assured that your set is likely to fit.

Tilting TV Wall Mount Installation

The installation process is easy for a TV wall mount. Most TV sets have allowances in the back of them to install the mount, so you simply screw it firmly into place. In order to install the mount to the wall, you will need to locate the stud and screw the mount into it. If you install it into GIB or drywall, you may find its not strong enough to satisfactorily support the TV, and will compromise the wall. Installing into the stud ensures plenty of strength and stability. It takes only a few screws to tighten and a bit of lining up, and you can place your TV on the wall and enjoy it at the perfect angle you desire.