Timber Dining Sets

Strong, durable and long-lasting, timber is a solid choice for a dining room set. This heavy and attractive wood is not only beautiful to look at, but a timber dining set will last for years and still remain lovely. There are many designs, colours and styles available when you're looking for a timber dining set.

Dining Set Styles

Timber dining room tables and chairs aren't limited to just one style. There are sleek and modern sets with upholstered chairs, or more traditional sets with chairs that feature embellished designs. Extendable tables make it easy to add space when you're having guests, and tables come in round and square designs. There are chairs accented with cloth or leather, as well as antique sets that offer a vintage look. A distressed table set looks shabby chic and a bit rustic, while a slick and shiny set has a more updated feel. You can also add metal chairs to your timber table for a more industrial look.

Dining Set Brands

Though some models may not be branded, there are some brands to consider when you're choosing a timber dining set. These include well-known furniture manufacturers such as IKEA, Harveys, Freedom, Hampton, Bentwood and Pippa. Brands vary in price as well as in design, and while Pippa options have a more traditional feel, table and chair sets from IKEA may look more minimalistic and chic. Be sure to choose a brand based on price, colour and design, as well as on your own preferences.

Set Colours

Though timber is naturally brown, you can purchase stained or painted timber dining table sets that may complement your existing pieces and blend into your home more effectively than the wood's natural shade does. These colours include white, dark brown, beige and even grey. Timber can be distressed to look older, or made glossy for a high shine. Pieces manufactured with recycled timber may vary in colour, giving the piece a shabby or vintage look. Additionally, adding chairs of different colours, such as white chairs with a brown table, can change the way the set looks.

Number of Pieces

One easy way to narrow down timber dining sets is by choosing how many pieces you desire. These table-and-chair sets range from small, two-seat designs to larger tables that seat 10 or 12 diners. There are also extendable tables that give you more flexibility and may add room for two to four guests. Measure the space you have available for your timber table, so you know that you have room for the table that you purchase.