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Got one to sell?

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The choice for winter

If you are looking for something warm for your feet, take a look at the selection of women’s Timberland shoes on eBay. In particular, you may want to check out the women’s Timberland boots. Timberland boots not only look fashionable and stylish, the boots are also cosy for the winter season.


When someone mentions Timberland, you may start thinking of hiking or the outdoors. This is true but the designs available in the Timberland range for women come in many different options and are suitable for every occasion!

When you check out the women’s Timberland designs on eBay, you will be impressed with the elegant appearance. But appearance is not everything with Timberland shoes, the quality is first class. You will be sure to get a long lasting wear from your Timberland purchase.

Comfort is of course key with any shoe purchase and you will definitely get a pleasant wear with Timberland boots. The flat heel option in the women’s Timberland boots provide a suitable alternative to other women’s flats. Especially if you live in colder parts of Australia, a pair of comfortable good looking boots are invaluable.

Although the Timberland range is suitable for outdoor wear, the range of women’s athletic shoes on eBay may be more appropriate for sporting or other fitness activities.

Styles and designs

Women’s Timberland boots come in a lace up design. There are a number of different colours ranging from your traditional black and brown to a more unconventional grey or white. Some designs have a mix of two colours, a main colour and then a separate colour for the sole and heel. You will be blown away by the modern and trendy look of such Timberland designs. But it gets better. Usually available in a flat heel, women’s Timberland boots also have an option of an attractive heel or knee length.

Prepare for winter, jump onto eBay today and start exploring the range of women’s Timberland boots today.

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