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Timberland… the original yellow boot.

Timberland has been specialising in footwear, apparel, and accessories for your outdoor adventures since 1973 when they released their now infamous yellow boot. Since then, their collections have really made their mark on the fashion world. 

It all started in 1952 when Nathan Swartz started the Abington Shoe Company in South Boston. A few years later, his two sons named Sidney and Herman joined the company and together they relocated the company to Newmarket in New Hampshire. 

In 1973, it was Sidney who created their first waterproof leather boots. Using unprecedented craftsmanship, he incorporated thick rubber lug soles with premium nubuck full-grain leather, and the yellow boot he named it Timberland was an instant classic.

Made especially for hard working New Englanders, the yellow boot was inspired by function and form, not fashion trends and runway shows. Even though they always remained true to that original authenticity, Timberland boots certainly appealed to a diverse amount of people from all walks of life. This began a whole new era of the yellow boot, which eventually saw it being sold at Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales. Timberland had now become the hottest new fashion item.

Timberland Boots

The instantly recognisable light brown hue and soft finish of Timberland boots are synonymous with quality workmanship, durability, and comfort. Timberland have a wide range of quality leather and waterproof boots, which is why they’ve become a leading name in footwear. The wear-resistant nuback leather has been a Timberland trademark from the very beginning, which today has been combined with the latest advancements in technology to enhance comfort and improve the fit.

For more than 40 years now, Timberland has been producing durable, seam-sealed boots to prevent moisture leaking in, no matter where you’re walking. During the tanning process the leather is infused with waterproofing to help your feet stay dry and then combined with breathable membranes. The use of thick fabrics and heavy overlaid stitching also makes them ultra-resistant to wear and tear, while rustproof hardware ensures the boots will last longer than any other. Timberland boots have improved traction and durability thanks to their durable rubber lug outsole, and they retain warmth, even in wet conditions because of the insulation of synthetic fibres.

The anti-fatigue technology made from inverted cone foam lines the insole of Timberland boots, which is designed specifically as a shock absorber. With the enhanced support of an anatomically correct footbed contoured to cradle your feet, you are sure to feel extra energy with every step you take.

Timberland boots have also been designed with a padded collar to provide extra support for your ankles and prevent them from twisting on all kinds of uneven terrain. So, Timberland boots with steel-caps are ideal for the construction site, as well as trekking, hiking, and everyday wear.

Timberland For Women

Whenever anyone mentions Timberland, you are sure to think of the iconic yellow boots, and maybe hiking and the outdoors. But Timberland is so much more than that, with a range for of boots, shoes, and other accessories for women, with feminine style options suitable for every occasion.

A good pair of comfortable and warm boots are invaluable, especially if you are in the colder regions down under. Looking for a stylish way to keep your feet toasty warm? If so, you really need to check out the range of Timberland women’s boots. Not only do they look fashionably chic, but they are also super cosy for the winter season.

Women’s Timberlands are available in a wide variety of colours ranging from the classic yellow of course, as well as blacks, browns, and the more unconventional shades of greys or whites. Some designs of these boots for women even have a mixture of two colours, with a main colour for most of the leather, and a separate colour for the heel and the sole. 

Timberland boots for women also have the option of a flat heel which provides you with an excellent alternative to your usual flats, but then again, they also have the option of a higher heel. The modern look and trendy style of these Timberland boots are sure to turn some heads and blow them away.

Timberland Dress Shoes

Because sometimes, you do need to clean up and dress up nice. Timberland doesn’t just design their dress shoes so that men can look presentable, they want to ensure that you also experience that all-day comfort you need at social events. That's why their range of men's brogues, oxfords, and other dress shoes casually combine the same rugged-but-polished Timberland aesthetic with our latest comfort technologies that you find in all their footwear.

Timberland Range

Timberland manufacture a wide range of boots in so many different styles. The original yellow boot is a sturdy, comfortable boot composed of waterproof leather, an anti-fatigue foot bed, glove leather lining, brass eyelets, a honey-coloured lug sole, 4 rows of stitching, and a padded leather collar. 

Everyone knows that Timberland makes the classic yellow boot, but they also manufacture other stylish and sophisticated footwear such as perfect street-wear shoe, the Adventure 2.0 Oxford which is available in both high-top and low. The Timberland Killington Hiker is another extremely comfortable shoe perfect for sporty people like to a relaxed and casual look. Then there is the Tidelands 3-Eye Boat Shoe which not only looks amazing, but also has a sole with built-in SensorFlex technology. Other stylish boots made by Timberland include the Britton Hill Waterproof Boot, Icon Chelsea Boot, and Kendrick Chukka Boots. 

Timberland also have a collection of fashion accessories that complement their famous footwear, including Low Rider Socks, t-shirts, hoodies, and boot laces. Plus, they also have Renewbuck Suede and Nubuck Cleaner’, Boot Sauce, Balm Proofer, and all the other essential products you need to look after your Timberlands and keep them looking fresh and clean.

Timberland is so much more than just a yellow boot. Check the range of Timberland footwear and other accessories available on eBay today.