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You keep moving, so they keep innovating. They are never going to stop because you never do.

Creators of quality timepieces, Timex dates all the way back to 1854. A time when how something was made, was just as important as how it worked.

Watchmaking craftsmanship at Timex has been a dependable brand for over 1 and a half centuries. In its 165 years they have garnished a solid reputation for more than just versatility and durability. Timex has always been of the most innovative watchmakers notable for their stylish and luxurious timepieces that were most importantly affordable.

As one of the leading watchmakers on the planet, Timex is so much more than just another veteran brand. They are synonymous with not only timekeeping, but time itself, delivering high-quality pieces en masse since time immemorial.

Whether you are looking for a watch with sense of luxury and style, or you simply need to upgrade your wristwatch without breaking the bank, Timex watches are sure to cover every base imaginable.

History Of Timex

Established in Waterbury, Connecticut all the way back in 1854, Timex adapted traditional European clockmaking by combining it with American ingenuity to create the first truly affordable clock in history. 

Timex went on to become the pioneers of modern watchmaking in 1916 with what they marketed as ‘A twist of the wrist’. Their ground-breaking yet simple design took watches out of our pockets and on to our wrists by the simple addition of a strap attached to welded loops, thereby revolutionising forever the way people kept time. 

At the Chicago World's Fair in 1933, Timex created watched which allowed you to tell the time using everything from bullet trains to airships, and within three years, Mickey Mouse was the official timekeeper for over two million children. 

Then during live television broadcasts in 1958, the watchmaking brand tried to destroy their watches in every way imaginable to prove that Timex can take a licking and keep on ticking. With quality now affordable, Timex watches were created using the first mass produced, high-quality watch movement called the v-conic in 1950. By the end of the 50’s decade, every third watch sold around the world was Timex brand.

In the mid 80’s, Timex put clock used at the finish line onto your wrist when they created the first sports watch. The Timex Ironman released in 1984 became your coach, as well as a symbol of your dedication and motivation, and together we have crossed almost every single finish line in the world together.

Then the Indiglo night-light of 1993 changed the face of time once again, as their signature blue backlight revolutionized how the world could read the time in the darkest of night.

Timex Range

The range of Timex watches produced today are all expertly crafted from various materials, from silverstone, to stainless steel, and lightweight aluminium. The variety of their timeless case colours include gold, silver, and bronze-tones for more of a utilitarian aesthetic, whereas the colours of their dials and faces include classic whites, blacks, blues, browns, and nudes. 

Incorporating both two and three-hand mechanisms, the Timex collection also has the option of chronograph or quartz analogue movement. The iconic wrist straps have buckle-fastened, quick release, and slip-through options in nylon, or they are rendered in genuine leather, whether supple or perforated. 

From rugged watches designed specifically to withstand even the most adventurous lifestyle, to the more vintage-inspired style of the classics, Timex unisex watches offer you versatility along with innovative design. The Timex range includes casual and dress watches, digital and outdoor watches, as well as different styles of mechanical movement.

MK1 Steel Chronograph

One of Timex’s recent releases, this watch combines some of their most recognizable features, including their truly iconic military-style chronograph. This wristwatch casing has been reinforced with high-quality steel in a battle-ready colour scheme of gunmetal grey, and a domed glass lens, with a brown strap made from refined leather.

Navi Harbor Fabric

The simplistic style of this watch offers you some flexibility with your wardrobe style, while also providing you with enough refined aesthetic for your classier outfits. Inspired by earthy tones of the great outdoors with a military style, the highlights of this timepiece includes an extremely sturdy case made from stainless steel, as well as a durable strap of ballistic nylon, the same fabric used for its undeniable toughness in military-grade parachutes.

Fairfield Chronograph

This minimal and masculine watch has a colorway to die for, featuring a gunmetal casing complemented with a deep green coloured dial plus an olive leather strap. If you aren’t a fan of green, this watch is also available in a range of 6 other minimalistic styles that still exude a similar stout-hearted feeling.

Marlin Automatic

One of Timex’s most memorable designs has been given an absolutely stunning contemporary upgrade with the Marlin Automatic. Not only is this timepiece a nod to their historical place in watchmaking history, but it is also an accessory that makes a true fashion statement. This watch sports a casing of stainless steel, with a lovely burgundy dial, as well as a burgundy leather strap made by the S.B Foot Tanning Company.

Timex x Space Snoopy

Pulling on the nostalgic strings of every moon landing fanatic and fan of Charles M. Schulz, Timex also has the classic Snoopy in Space watch. Carrying on from their collection of the previously featured Peanuts, this watch also uses the popular MK1 silhouette. This time however the silhouette showcases Astronaut Snoopy with dial of starry-skies to celebrates the 50th anniversary of man landing on the lunar surface. 

Waterbury Classic Chronograph

Named after their hometown city, the Timex Waterbury collection has most of their classic watch designs. The classic chronograph Waterbury design gets inspiration from their “Strength in tradition” motto with the ageless appearance of stainless steel, around a stylish yet always legible dial in white with some rose gold accents.

Ironman Transit

The affordable price point of Timex watches is everything, and this timepiece is one of their cheapest designs which has also been tailored specifically to suit active lifestyles. Featuring a comfortable and sleek design, the Ironman has a grey casing with a black resin strap for some extra durability, while the watch itself has a sports stopwatch, countdown timer, and a customisable timer so you can track your daily fitness routine however you like.

Make a bold statement that focuses on a redesigned classic with the selection of Timex watches available from eBay, ready for you to go directly from the boardroom to the bar to the ballroom and back without a worry.